Jessica’s Pi Challenge makes the news

Posted by Suzanne Alexander
The Newark Advertiser came to interview Jessica Chen, Year 11, last week following her amazing achievement of memorising Pi to 45 decimal places in the recent NSPCC Number Day school competition. The competition was part of the Number Day that raised £682 for the NSPCC. Luke Smith, Year 7, came second by memorising Pi to 37 decimal places – what a superb achievement too!
To read the full story in last Thursday’s Newark Advertiser and see Jessica doing the Pi challenge for the Advertiser:

NSPCC Number Day

The day was themed with many fun Maths activities as well as being a ‘Dress up for Digits’ day.

Congratulations to Jessica Chen Y11 who won the ‘Memorise Pi’ competition, memorising Pi to 45 decimal places!  Her prize was a fruit Pie!

Luke Smith Y7 came runner up memorising to 37 decimal places.  Well done both! Fantastic work.



Jess Chen Dominika Pi competition

Our Number Hunt winners were:

Chelsea Duffy Y9 – 30 correct answers

Connor Atherley Y9 – 24 correct answers

Jessica Chen & Dominika Kubanek helped organise the Get into Shape activity at lunchtime and many other students helped during the day.  Thank you to everyone who helped make the day a great success.

Well done everyone!

Mr Henshaw, Lead Practitioner in Maths