Admissions Policy Consultation

Posted by Suzanne Alexander

All schools are required to consult on their Admissions Policy every seven years – even if there are no changes proposed. The consultation for Lincolnshire schools began on 6th November and school-admissionscomments can be posted via the Lincolnshire County Council website link below.

The only substantive change from our 2018 policy is to change the basis of the distance calculation between home and school from driving distance to straight-line distance.  This is in line with the guidance we have received from Lincolnshire County Council as they can no longer support the calculation of driving distances (because roads and access can change all of the time).  In addition, references to GCSE grades at C and above have been changed to Grade 4 and above in line with the move to numerical grading for all GCSE courses.

Lincolnshire County Council website link (webpage is now ‘live’ )

A copy of our Draft Admissions Policy for 2019 entry can be read by clicking: Draft Admissions Policy for 2019