Welcome to Drama

Since 2009, Drama has been part of the curriculum for Year 7, 8 and 9 students. The Drama Oliver castDepartment develops an exciting, forward thinking curriculum which provides the pupils with an excellent palette of different styles of drama. All students at Key Stage 3 have an hour a week of both Drama and Music.

At Key stage 3 we study modules in devising drama, Ernies Incredible Illucinations, Craig and Bentley, Theatre History, Billy Elliott and Mask Work, to name a few. Students have the opportunity to develop their Making, Developing and Evaluating skills which they are assessed on each half term.

At Key Stage 4 and 5 the courses on offer are:

GCSE Drama – Edexcel

The aim of the course is to introduce you to the basics of theatre craft and performance. You will gain an understanding of what is dramatically effective and how to convey meaning on stage. From the start of the course you are challenged in all areas of performance and are expected to be able to discuss ideas and interpret what you see on stage. You will be taken to see professional pieces of theatre which will improve your understanding of the subject at work and provide you with ideas for your own drama. It is a very exciting course, full of opportunities to explore complex ideas and to learn how to communicate meaning through drama.

GCSE Expressive Arts – AQA

If you are interested in studying and developing your skills in more than one art form, Expressive Arts is for you. You will be given the opportunity to explore art forms in combination and gain knowledge of the language of the arts. You will be guided towards what makes a good presentation or performance, choosing two art forms from: Dance; Drama; Moving Images; Music; Original Writing and Visual Arts. You can work alone or in a group ? it is about your creative interpretation from a given starting point.

A Level Theatre Studies – Edexcel

The Edexcel GCE Drama and Theatre Studies specification is designed to provide a balance across a range of learning activities. It combines the activities of exploring plays, creating theatre, the performing of plays, the analysis of theatre and the critical evaluation of all of these elements. Students completing the course successfully will improve their analytical and creative skills and have a thorough understanding of drama and theatre.

Along side what happens in the classroom, students have the opportunity to take part in extra curricular clubs and showcases in Drama. These clubs open up many chances for students to perform in different locations around Lincolnshire.