In this unit candidates will study two modern texts, one of which will be based on exploring different cultures. Modern in this context is defined as post -1945. The modern texts in Section A provide an element of familiarity, either through themes and issues or through language. This allows candidates to engage with Literature before they move on to looking at texts that are more distanced from their own experience by place in Section B and then by time in the other units of this course. Candidates will be expected to consider:

ideas, themes and issues
These must be underpinned by understanding the writers’ language and techniques.
Section A offers a choice of ten texts which includes literary non-fiction and drama texts but will only answer questions on the one novel they have studied. Revision guides will depend on whether one is available.
Short Stories from the AQA Anthology Sunlight on the Grass
Martyn Pig
Touching the Void
The Woman in Black
Under Milk Wood
The Crucible
An Inspector Calls
Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA)
Section B offers a choice of four texts which explore different cultures. Candidates should explore aspects of the text that are specific to that culture as well as universal ideas.

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