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The Catering and Hospitality industry consists of a wide range of organisations which benefit from employees with appropriate training and qualifications. GCSE Catering has been designed to equip learners interested in working in the hospitality and catering sector with an understanding of its key elements, in preparation for either entering employment or progressing further with studies.

GCSE Catering

How is this course taught and assessed?

This course takes up one double and one single period a week.  To further your knowledge of the Catering and Hospitality industry you will also be expected to organise and take part in events at school, outside of school hours. The areas you will be studying are:

  • Catering skills related to food preparation and service;
  • Job roles, employment opportunities and relevant training;
  • Types of products and services provided;
  • Costing and portion control.

The full  course comprises of two  units and is assessed as follows:

Unit 1: Two practical set tasks with coursework 60%  (approx. 45 hours) Unit 2:  Written paper (un-tiered) 1hr 15 mins 40%

Who would this course suit?

The GCSE Catering course is suitable for any pupil who has a genuine interest in working in the Catering and Hospitality industry.  You will need a mature attitude towards teamwork and to show planning and commitment in your practical lessons. Furthermore, the course requires pupils to prepare, cook and present food showing skill and accuracy.  It would, therefore, benefit pupils to have already displayed some of these skills in KS3. Based on these requirements, a minimum average of KS3 level 5 would be a benefit to pupils.

What can you do with this qualification?

The GCSE Catering qualification is suitable for those who want a broad background in this area and for those who wish to progress to further education.  It will offer valuable preparation for those entering the world of work.