‘The School Library Resource Centre plays a central role in supporting the DSC_0013Curriculum of the school.  The wealth of knowledge stored therein benefits pupils in all aspects of their learning as well as leisure activities.  It is a centre for access to information and provides positive guidance and support to staff and pupils so enabling them to make the fullest possible use of the resources available’.  This statement supports the whole school mission statement of ‘ASPIRE’.


Pupils are encouraged to use facilities through time-tabled lessons and open access throughout the day and especially at lunch and break times.  During social times, pupils may use the LRC to retrieve information, to do homework, use computers, to read or just browse around.

Resources include a wide range of materials such as books, periodicals, newspapers, and other printed materials, audio, videos, dvds and access to the internet.

We hold a large stock of children’s fiction ranging from ‘Quick Reads’ to literature boarding on the teenage/adult level.

There is also a full range of Careers information available.


All Year 7 pupils will follow a Library induction programme during the first weeks of the Autumn term which will include information skills and reading promotion.


The LRC is continually promoted throughout the whole school by offering a variety of activities:

  • Book Week in October
  • World Book Day activities
  • Readathon for Year 7
  • Author Visits
  • Book Club
  • Competitions throughout the year
  • Displays

Pupil Librarians

Pupils have the opportunity to apply for the position to train as Library volunteers where they learn more about the Library and become involved in helping the Librarian with some tasks.  After a successful training programme, pupils are awarded a certificate of achievement.