This section of the website has been designed to support and assist parents and students.

Here you will find helpful resources boy reading bookto improve your child’s literacy across the curriculum. We will continue to add resources to this section throughout the year. Any recommendations or feedback would be welcome.


Encouraging reading at home

Below are some really useful websites that you can access to support your child’s reading outside of school:

Opens up the world of children’s literature showing you what is available
and who they would be suitable for.

A very family orientated site which is both accessible and supportive.books

Popular with many younger readers.

Interesting for youngsters who are regular readers.

For sight impaired readers and very easy to access.

A site for dyslexic readers which is very interactive and informative.


Improving spellings

The following offer useful tips and suggestions for learning and improving spellings at Key Stage 3:


Book Present Ideas

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