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Music at Sir William Robertson is an exciting and busy department. We strive to make our lessons as energetic and interesting as possible and are passionate about sharing our enthusiasm for the subject with our pupils. All lessons are fast paced and involve practical activities to help pupils learn about music theory, learn new keyboard skills and to develop their abilities in team work as well as being able to work individually. We encourage pupils to perform their work to help build their confidence in the subject.


At Key Stage 3 work is practical and encourages students to develop their performing, composing and listening skills through the study of a range of topics from musical adverts, rhythm work and drumming , film and dance music, to Garageband, musicals and cover songs. Our aim is to provide a rich body of genres for pupils to learn the diverse topics of music that surround us today.


At Key Stage 4 pupils study BTEC Music. BTEC Music gives pupils the opportunity to:

  • Study the music industry of today
  • Compose music using music technology
  • Perform music a soloist and ensemble
  • Manage and create a final project

Through a combination of practical experience and written assignments, Btec music provides learners with the knowledge, skills and understanding needed for a career in the sector.


At Key Stage 5 pupils study A Level Music Technology. Students of our Edexcel A level in Music Technology will focus on the techniques, practices and principles of music technology as an area of advanced study. They’ll learn about the technical principles that underpin music technology, develop a technical vocabulary, and be encouraged to use music technology as a tool to develop their composing and arranging skills.



Music Lessons:

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