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Laser Cutter for Design & Technology075

With the acquisition of an A2 laser cutter, the Design and Technology staff have been enthusiastic as to its uses and potential within the Department. We have been incorporating its use into a range of projects across Key stage 3 to Key stage 5, and every week thinking of new ways we can use it to enhance the learning of our students.

When using the Laser, students have been able to work with a range of materials such as card, plastic and wood. It has enabled them to produce very intricate designs, very accurate products and unlimited copies of an item. The laser has the facility to cut out shapes and to engrave images. We have also had students use a photo off the internet and engrave it on a piece of wood/plastic with surprising detail. The capabilities are endless. Lasers are also being used in the food and textiles industry, so we intend to be experimenting in these areas as well.

We envisage that this modern day tool will allow pupils to create more imaginative and detailed solutions to problems. To produce detailed test pieces before making the final prototype and also give them a greater understanding.

Here are some examples of students work across the Year groups 8/9/10/11 including GCSE projects . Some have combined using the Laser with CAD, CAM and traditional hand tools.  The LED project work has been inspired by Art Deco, De Stijl and Arts & Crafts.  The Year 9 Clock project designs were influenced by Alessi, Bauhaus and Art Nouveau.

Year 8

  • Boat project; a making skills using a wide range of hand tools and machinery
  • LED project using laser cutter and a range of hand tools and machinery. Pupils showing their creativity and knowledge of technology
  • Electronics – basic knowledge of components and methods of manufacture
  • Structures – theory related to the world around them and group work
  • Visit to a construction skills event during ‘Construction Week’

Year 9

  • Understanding and recognising designers and design eras and basing ideas around their influence
  • Clock project – pupils showing their creativity and application of a range of materials and processes with a view to mass production
  • Mechanism – theory knowledge developed in to making skills project
  • Advancement of Drawing techniques also with the use of 2D design for 3D modelling

Year 10

  • Technical Drawing ranging from perspective to orthographic using traditional methods and computer aided design
  • A range of making skill projects using a variety of machinery such as vacuum former, line bender, laser cutter … and hand held electrical tools
  • Electronics – Amplifier project in conjunction with a industrial metal laser company
  • Theory for AQA Product Design
  • Visit to a construction skills event during ‘Construction Week’

Year 11

  • A range of products designed from start to finish by the students, some influenced by design eras and others for specific clients, with a view for commercial production. Consisting of a portfolio of work and a manufactured prototype.
  • Theory for AQA Product Design