boy reading bookIt gives me great pleasure to introduce to you our inaugural Literacy Handbook. The aim of this handbook is to offer guidance to parents and carers to enable them to support our young people in their learning. One of our main school priorities is to improve students’ literacy skills – the ability to speak, listen, read, write and think critically are fundamental to effective literacy.

Improving literacy skills is not the sole remit of the English Faculty. Every teacher at Sir William Robertson Academy is a teacher of literacy and assumes the joint responsibility of ensuring that students can talk and write fluently across all subjects. This is increasingly important now that GCSE examinations are marked for good spelling and the appropriate use of grammar. Literacy is also a prime skill required to gain meaningful employment and to succeed in the world of work.

If you have any suggestions on how we can improve this handbook in the future or would like to discuss your child’s progress in terms of literacy, then please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Davies.

Mr Mark Guest, Headteacher



Click here to read our Literacy Handbook 2014/15


This term's focus is Apostrophes.


Here are some helpful reference sheets: