Developing a Growth Mindset

Posted by Suzanne Alexander

This week has seen the official launch of our new Growth Mindset programme and your child has been issued with the leaflet below that explains how the programme works. Growth mindset

During this term your child will be undertaking various activities in Base time that will reinforce these ideas and help them to fulfil their potential. Please take time to read the leaflet, which explains how you, as a parent, can help your child with the programme. At the end of each week staff will be nominating students who have demonstrated that they are ‘Fearless Learners’ – those who have had the courage to go beyond their comfort zones and learn from any mistakes that they make along the way. Parents of the nominated students will be texted and the names of these students will be posted on our Facebook page so that their achievements can be celebrated with our wider community. If you do not wish for your child’s name to be shared on our Facebook page, please let us know and we will simply send you an individual text.

Developing a Growth Mindset leaflet

Thank you for your support with this exciting new initiative.

Mr Mann, Assistant Headteacher


Click to visit our Growth Mindset web page.

Fearless Learner