Fearless Learners w/c 15th January

Posted by Suzanne Alexander

We are delighted to announce our ‘Fearless Learners’ for w/c 15th January 2018. These students have been nominated by their teachers this week for demonstrating a positive attitude to learning.growth MS They have pushed their limits and remained undaunted by any setbacks that they have encountered along the way. We are extremely proud of them all.

w/c 15th January

Matthew Andrew Y10 for Media Studies
Kady Atkins Y11 for Food Preparation & Nutrition
Ethan Ayling Y13 for Business
Josh Bee Y10 for English
Celia Davis Y11 for Geography
Kian Deighton Y11for Resistant Materials
Jack Fawkes Y12 for Drama
Hannah Grindley Y11 for Science
Danija Kalkukalne Y10 for Art
Maddison Lowdon Y11 for CACHE Childcare
Harley Matts Y7 for History
Harry Newton Y7 for Graphics
Ellie Parker Y7 for French
Taylor Poole  Y8 for German
Katie Randall Y10 for English Literature
Zak Stark Y10 for Boys’ PE
Joe Statham Y10 for Maths
Ruben Surtees Y7 for Textiles
Chloe Tyler Y10 for Girls’ PE

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See our Fearless Learners screen presentation shown around school

w/c 8th January 2018

Lily Davidson Y7 for Resistant Materials
Maddison Egan-Goodwill Y9 for Music
Chloe Francis Y7 for History
Jessica Fry Y11 for Science
Poppy Gee Y9 for Art
Sophia Goodwin Y7 for Accelerated Reader
Joshua Hobby Y13 for Geography
Ella Holmes Y11 for Food Preparation & Nutrition
Gracie Jai Longden Y10 for English Language
Emily Lovett Y11 for Graphics
Libby Maksymiw Y11 for CACHE Childcare
Jack Price Y8 for Drama
Maisiejane Proctor Y10 for Business
Jamie Redmond Y12 for English Literature
Leo Squires Y8 for German
Grace Tilly Y7 for PE
Eloise Tilly Y7 for PE
Henry Wilkinson Y7 for French
Melia Wilshire Y11 for Maths

w/c 11th December
Demi Massam Y8 for English
Max Hill Y9 for English Language
Jenny Chen Y9 for Maths
Noah Lesinski Y7 for Science
Brandon Cox Y12 for PE
Laura Pinfold Y13 for PE
Peter Wynn-Jones Y9 for History
Archie Price Y7 for Resistant Materials
Aaron McDonald Y8 for Graphics
Georgia Pickerill Y12 for Psychology
Sophie Osborn Y10 for Business
Leah McLernon Y9 for Religious Studies
Noah Hughes Y11 for Media Studies
Oliver Cain Y7 for French
Samuel Robert Y7 for Computer Science
Katie Fogarty Y11 for Food Preparation & Nutrition
Alisha Atkinson Y9 & Skye Havelock Y8 for Music

w/c 4th December
Morgan McNarry Y10 for English
Zack Moody Y8 for Science
Georgie Hellard Y10 for Music
George Clarke & Harry Chessor Y10 for PE
Cabe Towers Y10 for German
Deana Smithers Y10 for History
Ella Chan Y9 for Maths
James Lesinski Y9 for Media Studies
Jessica Chen Y9 for French
Katie Randall Y10 for Geograph
Mason Varszegi-Haste Y9 for Travel & Tourism
George Price Y8 for Computer Science
Esme Bridge Y9 for Graphics
Klaudia Kubanek Y13 for Psychology
Jaime Bowler Y9 for Business


w/c 27th November
Poppy Jennings Y8 for Drama
Dylan Brunnock Y8 for Graphics
Amelia Thompson Y10 for Maths
Rebecca Winter Y12 for English Language
Brandon Boyfield Y11 for English Literature
Jack Warnes Y10 for Media Studies
Kaci-Leigh Nicholson-Hadley Y11 for French
Lottie Shelbourn Y11 for Food Preparation & Nutrition
Tyler Loveless Y8 for fantastic effort in IDL completion
Sophie Buckley Y10 for Geography
Jack Holmes Y7 for Art
Brooke Souter Y7 for Textiles
Aiden Matthews Y7 for History
Aimee Bruten Y10 for German


w/c 20th November
Bailey Davies Y11 for Geography
Celia Davis Y11 for CACHE Childcare
Freya Walton Y8 Graphics
Aidan Pettifor Y10 German
Maria Mills Y8 for PE
Luke Smith Y7 for Music
Joe Ward Y8 for Art
Leah Crowden-Murfin Y7 for Textiles
Fleur Hutton Y11 for English
Jake Shaw Y12 for English Literature
Harry Costa Y12 for Media Studies
Eve McDonough Y12 Drama
Laura Higgins Y7 for History
Emily Campbell Y10 for Travel & Tourism
Esme Bainbridge Y9 for French
Maddie Cove Y13 for Psychology

w/c 13th November
Indiana Bomford-Smith (Y13) for Media Studies
Katie Randall (Y10) for English
Jack Quincey (Y8) for Geography
Ashlie Richardson (Y8) for German
Thomas King (Y11) for Graphics
Nathan Fry (Y9) for Boys’ PE
Carly Jackson (Y8) for Girls’ PE
Emily Pownall (Y9) & Jasmine Pellett (Y9) for Drama
Fleur Hutton (Y11) for Science
Sakshi Kesvala (Y13) for Psychology
Georgia Denman (Y8) for Food Preparation & Nutrition
Kiera Nettleton (Y7) for Literacy
Leah McLernon (Y9) for French
Kian Deighton (Y11) for Maths
Marshall Kirby (Y10) for Resistant Materials
Madeline Swaby (Y11) for Travel & Tourism
Isabelle Whitfield (Y9) for History


w/c 6th November
Fleur Hutton (Y11) for Graphics
Evie Andrews (y9) for Religious Studies
Eleanor Costa (Y8) for History
Tom King (Y11) for Business
Maisie Norrish (Y9) for Media Studies
Taylor Cobb (Y9) for English Language
Lewis Grainger (Y12) for English Literature
Laurie Rozier (Y11) for Maths
Katie Randall (Y10) for Drama
Oska Mirfin (Y10) for German
Astton Phillips (Y7) for French
Olivia Loveless (Y10) for Food Preparation & Nutrition
Rubie-Sky Hopewell (Y8) for Music
Fenton Smith (Y9) for Science


w/c 30th October
Cora-Jade Probyn (Y8) for Geography
Charlie Taylor (Y7) for Textiles
Sakshi Kesvala (Y13) for Business
Erin Baggaley (Y7) for Graphics
Joe Ward (Y8) for Maths
Imogen Kennett (Y8) for German
Konark Thakur (Y9) for Religious Studies
Jaden Wheeler (Y10) for Science
Ellie Parker (Y7) for Drama
Tiffany Lovatt (Y13) for Psychology
Jared Rasen (Y7) for English
Katie Harrison (Y11) for Media
Annie Mayall (Y11) for Music
Serenity Schaeffer (Y7) for Resistant Materials
Max Hill (Y9) for Travel & Tourism
Curtis Meakin (Y7) for French
Chelsea Duffy (Y9) for Food Preparation & Nutrition
Lily O’Hara (Y11) for Art
Aimee Bruten (Y10) for History
Maddie Turner (Y8) for PE


w/c 16th October
Jared Rasen (Year 7) for being a Star Reader
Hamish Chettle (Y9) for History
Issey Collishaw (Year 7) for French
Evie Pearson (Year 7) for Textiles
Isobel Butler (Y10) for Art
Nathan Starbuck (Year 7) for Geography
Lina Pereira (Y11) for Maths
Kady Atkins (Y11) for Travel & Tourism
Sophie Buckley (Y10) for English
Joseph Ringland (Y9) for Media Studies
Ewan Armstrong (Y12) for Drama
James O’Neil (Y8) for German
Laura Pinfold & Callum Campbell (Y12) for BTEC PE
Chelsea Duffy (Y9) for Food Preparation & Nutrition
Ben Coleman (Y10) for Music
Daniel Evans (Y8) for Resistant Materials


w/c 9th October
Cleo Hutton (Y8) for Computer Science
Matthew McCullagh (Y7) for History
Benjamin Marshall & Freddie Streeter (Y7) for PE Cross Country trials
James Statham (Y7) for Drama
Talia Scott (Y8) for Maths
Mason Ormsby (Y10) for Business
Emily Thompson (Y10) for Geography
Eleanor Sanderson (Y8) for English
Ashley Jackson (Y9) for Science
Connor Jackson (Y11) for French
James O’Connor (Y8) for German
Bobby McDonald (Y10) for Food Preparation & Nutrition
Jack Holmes (Y7) for Art
Connor Shores (Y7) for Textiles
Allister Spence (Y10) for Music
Alex Volichenko (Y11) for Travel & Tourism
Evelyn Shaw (Y8) for Graphics

w/c 2nd October
Chad Chambers (Y7) for Maths
Hadley Matts (Y7) for Science
Tyler Loveless (Y8) for English
Kirsten Tagg (Y10) for Geography
Oliver James (Y10) for Travel & Tourism
Michael O’Connor (Y10) for German
Leah Joslin (Y10) for Media Studies
James O’Neil (Y8) for Resistant Materials
Amelia Thompson (Y9) for Graphics
Isabelle Stevenson (Y9) for Food Preparation & Nutrition
Konark Thakur (Y9) for Drama
Alice Heaton (Y9) for Art
Lily Kempster & Maddy Rumley (Y10) for CACHE Childcare
Kian Picker (Y8) for Religious Studies
Mack Renshaw (Y11) for French
Jemma Whiteside (Y9) for History
Nicole Thompson (Y10) for Music

w/c 25th September
Oscar Wilby (Y7) for Resistant Materials
Maddison Redsell (Y10) for Business
Libby Parker (Y8) for German
Libby Parker (Y8) for English
Tyler Loveless (Y8) for Music
Brandon Bain (Y10) for Science
Asher Williams (Y10) for PE
Alice Ward (Y11) for Graphics
Courtney Darch (Y11) for Maths
Talia Scott (Y8) for Art
Oliver Emms (Y10) for Food Preparation & Nutrition
Amy Pearson (Y9) for History
Millie Scadding (Y11) for French
Bethany Lineham Y10 for Travel & Travel
Lauren Johnson (Y7) for Computer Science
Steven Howard (Y8) for Drama

w/c 18th September
Niamh Boyfield (Y8) for Music
Lilly Donohoe (Y10) for German
Abbie Baker (Y10) for History
Eve McDonough (Y12) English Language
Charlotte Pearce (Y11) for Travel & Tourism
Cleo Maksoud (Y10) for Business Studies
Aaron Simons (Y12) for Drama
Mackenzie Preece (Y9) for Maths
Joseph Ringland (Y9) for French
Evelyn Shaw (Y8) for PE
Oliver Rogers (Y7) for Resistant Materials
Luis Loureiro-Brooks (Y7) for Art

w/c 11th September
Luke Smith (Y7) for French
Maddie Cove (Y13) for German
Natalie Major (Y8) for Science
Jake Stamp (Y12) for Drama
Libby Scott-Toyne (Y11) for Travel & Tourism
Matthew Calder (Y9) for Art
Matthew Young (Y13) for Maths
Oliver Emms (Y10) for English
Naomi Stubbs (Y9) for Music
Darcie Baker-Brogan (Y9) for Food Preparation & Nutrition
Miles Shaw (Y9) for Graphics
Ellie Hardy (Y11) for History
Megan Shaw (Y9) for Computer Science
Chloe Gresham (Y8) for Geography

w/c 10th July
Lydia Pinfold (Y12) for History
Ellen Chambers (Y9) for German
Ashlie Richardson (Y7) for Music
Poppy Haggo (Y9) for Drama
Sam Wright (Y10) for Geography
Oska Murfin (Y9) for Religious Studies
Erin Draper (Y12) for Psychology
Jessica Fry (Y10) for Art
James Lesinski (Y8) & Mark Young (Y8) for the Rocket Car Challenge
Peter Wynn-Jones (Y8) for Maths
Jasmine Keyworth (Y10) for PE

w/c 3rd July
Steven Howard (Y7) for Maths
Joe Statham (Y9) for Drama
Zack Gilley (Y10) for Science
Maria Mills (Y7) for History
Alfie Cornish (Y10) for Business
Michael O’Connor (Y9) for German
Jessica Fry (Y10) for English
Alethea Meachem (Y10) for PE
Morgan Hymers (Y10) for Food Preparation & Nutrition
Joseph Gascoigne (Y9) for Art
Allister Spence (Y9) for Music
Ben Scott (Y10) for Geography

w/c 26th June 2017
Ellie Sunman (Y8) for English
Sophie Hobby (Y8) for French
Callum Laud (Y10) for History
Emma Heffer (Y9) for Music
Sasha Idin-Smith (Y9) for Drama
Jake Whiteside (Y10) for PE
Alex Shearer (Y7) for Art
Daniel Sanderberg (Y7) & Henry Martin (Y7) for D&T (Rocket Car Challenge)
Henry Martin (Y7) for Science
Sam Newton (Y12) for the Silver Duke of Edinburgh Expedition

w/c 19th June
Ben Scott (Y10) for History
Oliver Nicholson (Y10) for Drama
Imogen Watson (Y7) & Gracie Jai Longden (Y9) for PE (High Jump) *special double award this week only*
Mia Hedley (Y9) for Music
Mark Young (Y8 ) for Graphics
Jemma Finch (Y8) for Art
James O’Connor (Y7) for German
Kerry Hancock (Y10) for French
Hannah Pinder (Y10) for English
Jospeh Beeken (Y8) for Maths
Bobby McDonald (Y9) for Geography/Travel & Tourism

w/c 12th June
Chelsea Duffy (Y8) for Art
Chelsea Duffy (Y8) for Science
Hannah Ball (Y7) for English
Poppy Haggo (Y9) for Music
James Lesinki (Y8) for Creative Writing at the Lily Divall Author Day
Rebecca Dwane (Y12) for Drama
Alicia Matts (Y8) for History
Megan Milner (Y13) for Psychology
Lottie Shelbourn (Y10) for Maths
Natalie Major (Y7) for PE
Kian Deighton (Y10) for PE High Jump
Alice Heaton (Y8) for French
Bethany Lineham (Y10) for Food Preparation & Nutrition
Joel Meachem (Y8) for Geography
Kai Harris (Y7) for German

w/c 5th June
Jasper Hardwick Shaw (Y8) for English
Josh Wright (Y9) for Maths
Celia Davis (Y10) for Geography
Katie Harrison (Y10) for Media Studies
Lauren Coupland (Y8) for Spelling
Millie Stott (Y7) for Drama
Evelyn Shaw (Y7) for PE
Lily O’Hara (Y10) for Science (Chemistry)
Jessica Blankley (Y7) for Art
Ben Scholes (Y10) for French
Dylan Mercer (Y10) for Business Studies
Aaron Scholes (Y8) for Music
Emily Scrivener (Y9) for History

w/c 22nd May
Chloe Spencer (Y12) for Psychology
Saad Hussain (Y7) for Geography
Nathan Cullen (Y9) for Music
Isabelle Whitfield (Y8) for Drama
Madison Lowdon (Y10) for Business Studies
Talia Scott (Y7) for PE
Emily Lawes (Y8) for History
Alethea Meachem (Y10) for English
Tom Penneck (Y9) for Maths
Matthew Young (Y12) for German
Kerry Hancock (Y10) for French
Imogen Watson (Y7) for Art
Jed McGuigan (Y7) for Design & Technology
Chelsea Duffy (Y8) for English Tuition
Naomi Stubbs (Y8) for Science

w/c 15th May
Alice Heaton (Y8) for Music
Jamie Mead (Y7) for PE
Jamie Bowler (Y8) for Maths
Leia Peck in (Y11) for Drama
Tomas Jackson Spooner (Y12) for Geography
Lewis Davies (Y11) for History
Beth Roxby (Y12) for Psychology
Cabe Towers (Y9) for Art
Joseph Gascoigne (Y9) for Textiles
Henry Yates (Y7) for the Reading Challenge (reading all seven books on the shortlist for the Carnegie Award)
Amy Pearson (Y8) for French
Georgie Hellard (Y9) for German
Kerry May (Y11) for English
Oliver Cann (Y13) for Business Studies

w/c 8th May
Lorna Tewson (Y11) for Drama
Joshua Bee (Y9) for History
Tom Penneck (Y9) for the Reading Challenge
Ben Tilley (Y10) for Art
Ben Scholes (Y10) for Resistant Materials
Adam Dixon (Y11) for Geography
Jack Wilkinson (Y12) for Psychology
Eve McDonough (Y11) for English
Martina Hill (Y11) for PE
Jake Whiteside (Y10) for Science (Chemistry)
Ikra Ali-Khan (Y13) for Biology
Matthew Young (Y12) for French
Steven Howard (Y7) for German

w/c 1st May
Liam Parker (Y11) for Travel & Tourism
Sam Walker (Y11) for English
Madison Lowdon (Y10) for Drama
Jack Fawkes (Y11) for Maths
Natasha Burton (Y12) for Psychology
Maisiejane Proctor (Y9) for Religious Studies
Caitlin McGinley (Y9) for English Tuition
Oscar Lacey (Y7) for Food Technology
Sophie Richardson (Y9) for Art
Jemma Whiteside (Y8) for PE
Ashley Birkett (Y8) for Science
Freya Grocock (Y11) for History
Sophie Corby (Y13) for German
Ruth Jackson (Y12) for French

w/c 24th April
Joshua Warner (Y7) for History
Carly Jackson (Y8) for Art
Anna Durrance (Y12) for D&T
Emily Scrivener (Y9) for Maths
Noah Hughes (Y10) for Religious Studies
Borys Miler (Y7) for English
Betsy Town (Y7) for Drama
Aimee Bruten (Y9) for Music
Sasha Idin Smith (Y9) for PE
Emily Parker (Y13) for Psychology
Ellie Roberts (Y7) for Science
Tom King (Y10) for French
Niamh Boyfield (Y7) for German
Devonnie Proctor (Y11) for Media Studies

w/c 17th April
Alfie Cornish (Y10) for PE
Indiana Bomford-Smith (Y12) for Geography
Jacob Woollford (Y11) for Science
Pippa Arnold (Y11) for MFL
Eve Lawson (Y9) for Music
Oliver Kilcullen (Y8) for Drama
Finlay Bass (Y7) for English
Celia Davis (Y10) for Maths
Olivia Brown (Y7) for Art
Barnaby Howorth (Y11) for Business Studies

w/c 27th March
Zuzanna Kowalczyk (Y10) for MFL (French)
Cameron Coles (Y11) for Drama
Tomas Lorenti (Y11) for History
Jack Thomas (Y9) for Maths
Thomas Powles (Y9) for D&T
Thomas McCormack (Y7) for Art
Hannah Williams (Y11) for English
Lizzie Glass (Y8) for PE
Caitlin McGinley (Y9) for Geography
Megan Milner (Y13) for Psychology
Jamie Bowler (Y8) for Science
Hannah Grindley (Y10) for Religious Studies
Lilly Donohoe (Y9) for Music

w/c 20th March
Max Hill (Y8) for Art
Toby Townsend (Y7) for Cooking & Nutrition
Molly Burgess (Y12) for Drama
Olivia Calver-Bridge (Y12) for Psychology
Lydia Pinfold (Y12) for English Literature
Jake Stamp (Y11) for History
Hannah Williams (Y11) for Science
Alice Heaton (Y8) for Maths
Chloe Hyde (Y9) for Music
Eve McDonough (Y11) for Geography
Karina Ince (Y7) for Girls’ PE
Daniel Fawkes (Y13) for Business Studies

w/c 13th March 2017
Polly Knight (Y12) for Psychology
Melissa Mawson (Y11) for Science
Michael Duffy (Y10) for Religious Studies
Augustina Ropeikaite (Y 9) for PE
Aiden Hardy (Y12) for Product Design/Graphics
Kerry May (Y11) for Mathematics
Mitchell Williams (Y11) for English
Jack Quincey (Y7) for German
Elliot Proctor (Y9) for Drama
Katie Harrison (Y10) for Art
Jon Laird (Y10) for Resistant Materials
James Lovett (Y8) for History
Charlotte Pearce (Y10) for Music

w/c 6th March 2017
Sasha Idin Smith (Y9) for Music
Victoria Guz (Y12) for Business Studies
Sam Pick (Y12) for Art
Ben Zengin  (Y10) for Religious Studies
Dylan Leggett (Y7) for Maths
Katie Fogarty  (Y10) for MFL
Dillon Holt (Y8) for PE
Jack Quincey (Y 7) for English
Oliver Cann (Y13) for Psychology
Shivam Keshvala (Y10) for Science
Dominika Kubanek (Y10) Design & Technology
Saffron Simpson (Y8) Geography