GCSE Art Saturday Session

Posted by Suzanne Alexander

GCSE Art Set TaskDSC_0045

Students are making progress towards a final piece for the Set Task and have been given work to complete so far this term. Due to a number of issues outside of my control, many students have missed Art lessons and I would like to offer a Saturday morning on Saturday 17th March 9.30am-12.30 pm for students to have the opportunity to have guided catch up on work missed and access to materials they may not have at home. Please can you complete the first slip at the foot of this letter and return it to me on or before Tuesday 13th March?

Many departments are giving students the opportunity to come into school to do final revision or preparation for their exams over Easter. I shall be available in school on Tuesday 10th April from 9.00am – 3pm for anyone who would like to come in and make use of the time and facilities here. There is no compulsion to stay for the whole day if this is not possible. A packed lunch is advisable.

I would be grateful if you would complete the response slip at the foot of this letter to give me an idea of how many students to expect. It would be helpful to me to receive replies by 27th March at the latest.

I do hope I can count on your support during this very important time. The Art Set Task is worth 40% of the final GCSE grade and is the students’ last opportunity to secure a good grade. Once the 10 hours allocated for the Set Task has been completed, the GCSE course work is at an end and students will have the opportunity to work on their other GCSE subjects which they are expected to provide independently.

Please return the reply slip below indicating that you have received this letter and whether or not your child will be attending the extra session at on the Saturday and over Easter.

Mrs F Norman, Teacher of Art and Textiles


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