If your child is due to join us in September 2019, we realise that you may have many questions and need information to prepare for the big day.  To help in this process we have highlighted areas of the website which you will find useful and have provided some information and dates below.  Should you have any more questions, then please do not hesitate to contact our Admissions team on 01400 272422.

Once you have accepted your place at the school in March 2019 we shall prepare your child's New Starter Pack which includes forms to be completed in preparation for September 2019.  This will be sent directly to your child's primary school in late April 2019 for them to bring home.  Our Heads of House team will then arrange to visit your child at their primary school in May.

All pupils are invited to attend an Induction Day on Thursday 4th July 2019, where they will find out which House they will be in, spend the day doing some taster lessons and enjoy a complimentary hot lunch from The Dining Hall (or they can bring a packed lunch if they prefer).  Your child may be able to travel on the school buses this day to allow them to get to and from school.

Parents are invited to return with their child to the Induction Evening later that same day where they can listen to a welcome talk from Mr Guest, Headteacher, meet and chat to their Base Tutor, try on and buy uniform from our agreed suppliers and ask any further questions.

You may wish to visit our School Information section of the website which can be found under the 'Parents' menu as the information links below are mostly contained within that area.


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Term Dates 2017/19

Open Events 2019

Hill Holt Wood Trip for new Year 7s - September 2019 (draft letter)

Hill Holt Wood trip days run Tuesday 24th - Friday 27th September 2019 and will run 9am til 9pm

We look forward to welcoming you and your child to Sir William Robertson Academy for the Induction Day/Evening on Thursday 4th July 2019 and ultimately in September.  Uniform sales will take place at the Induction Evening.

Term starts:

Wednesday 4th September 2019 (Year 7, Year 12 & 13 and GCSE Food students only)

Thursday 5th September 2019 (All other years start)