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Pupil Voice at Sir William Robertson Academy

Student Council and the SWRA Elections take place in September.

At Sir William Robertson Academy all pupils have a right to have an input into their education.  We do this through the School Council and the Pupil Voice structure:

Head Boy and Head Girl

Every year, a Head Boy and a Head Girl will be elected from Year 12 to represent the whole student body.  They will see their role through into Year 13 and hand over to the next incumbents the following year.  This is a position of great responsibility; the Head Boy and Girl will chair Pupil Voice meetings and meet with the Senior Leadership Team and Governors, ensuring that student voice is represented in key decisions and developments within the Academy. The Head Boy and Head Girl represent the Academy and student body at a variety of public functions during the year, including prospective Parents’ Evenings for Years 7 and 12 and Awards Evenings.

House Captains

There are four House Captains, one each for Simla, Dragoon, Chitral and Lancer.  The House Captains are elected from any Year Group and will communicate the views of pupils in their House at Pupil Voice meetings.  Working closely with their Head of House, the House Captain offers much to the life of pupils across the school, organising House competitions and events with their team of Base Captains and encouraging participation in competitions etc.

Congratulations to our new Head Girl - Katharine Bradford & new Head Boy - Daniel Balicki for 2017/18Katharine BradfordDaniel

Congratulations also go to all the new House & Base Captains.

Click to read the full list of House & Base Captains

Good luck in your new roles!


Head Girl: Katharine Bradford

Head Boy: Daniel Balicki

Dragoon House Captain: Jess Chen

Lancer House Captain: Dominika Kubanek

Simla House Captain: Charlotte Pearce

Chitral House Captain:


Senior Prefects:

We are pleased to announce our appointed Senior Prefects for the 2017/18 academic year:

Jessica Chen
Nathan Cullen
Hannah Grindley
Alethea Meachem
Tom King
Libby Carrington
Will Conway
Aimee Bruten
Charlotte Jordan
Celia Davis
Ellie Hardy
Fleur Hutton

These pupils have been nominated and selected by their base tutors and Heads of House to represent the school because of the character and commitment they have already shown during their time at the school. Congratulations!

Congratulations to everyone and we wish them well in their roles.

Mr Grant, Deputy Headteacher