Puzzle of the Week

Posted by Suzanne Alexander

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new fun Maths competition ‘Puzzle of the Week’ to further promote numeracy and problem solving in school. Year 7 – Year 11 students can enter this new weekly competition.

Problems are released on a Monday morning and answers can be submitted until the following Sunday.

This week the puzzle (Number 46) see the link below and there is a copy on the display board just inside the entrance to Oakridge on the Maths corridor. This is where the solution and the leaderboard will also be displayed.

Click to see Puzzle 46 w/c 16th October

Click to see Puzzle 45 Answers

Pupils can enter by clicking on the Entry button on the homepage of the website Puzzle of the Week or by scanning the QR code on a suitable device.

Class Leaderboard
Below are all the classes that have entered Puzzle of the Week this year. They are sorted by the number of correct answers then by the number of total answers.
Position Class Correct Answers All Answers House Year Teacher
= 1st DHS 0 1 Dragoon Miss Sowden
= 1st DSHW 0 1 Dragoon Mr Henshaw
= 1st LMDS 0 1 Lancer Mr Davies
= 1st SBC 0 1 Simla Miss Cullimore
= 1st SDQ 0 1 Simla Mr Quincey
= 1st SKD 0 1 Simla Mrs Davison
= 1st SMHD 0 1 Simla Mrs Dover


Mr Henshaw
Lead Practitioner in Maths



Puzzle of the Week number 45