Posted by Pete Thompson

Show My Homework - Password Reset

Please see below details on how to change your password on show my homework.

Go to SMHW website,,

Click the “forgot password” link, type your school email address (Except 6th Form who may be using their personal email) and click the “reset password” button.

Login to your email


Locate the email from Show My Homework (if it doesn’t show, you may have to click view other inbox), and click the “Reset password” link. Enter a new password. This must be 10 characters long, and contain at least one numeric, one uppercase and one lowercase alpha AND a special character (I recommend ! % & * – DO NOT use Spaces, full stops, Commas or slashes) , and cannot have any part of their name in it.

Accessing School Email Account

To access your emails please go to the address below.

Use your school email address in the format below, replace with you details.

Use the same password that you use to access the computers at school.

If you need your school password resetting use the email address below, please put your school username in the email.