Students involved in Empathy Day

Posted by Suzanne Alexander

Yesterday was National Empathy Day.  Coddington Primary was one of fifteen Primary Schools part of the Empathy Lab initiative and Mrs Mower, Head of Lancer House offered to collaborate with

them. Mrs Mower took 16 former-Coddington Primary school children there for the day. They were attached to a class from Nursery to Y6 and spent time reading with them/ to them and discussing what Empathy is and what it means & how it can help them understand things in their lives and create better understanding in life.

Our students all had the task of reading as set text to the class they were attached to, from a selection of books designed to promote the understanding of empathy. They chose these from their own books and from a selection provided by Mrs Morton from our school library. They then discussed the part of the story they read and got the class to cut out and colour in some empathy glasses. A tool used to get the children to see through other peoples’ eyes. They then tried to talk to them about listening through other peoples’ ears and feeling through other peoples’ heart. They also asked the primary children to write postcards from one character in the book to another, to show empathy. This went down amazing well!

They attended the special assemblies at the start & end of the day and were highly praised. We were told they would love to work with us again.

Coddington Primary & some of the Sir William Robertson students featured at 1:30pm & 6:30pm on BBC East midlands Today. Our school was not mentioned but lots of students can be seen in the assembly and also in the background in some of the lessons.

Well done everyone!

Mrs Mower

Click to watch BBC East Midlands Today 12/06/18 Evening News featuring SWRA & Coddington pupils

(sadly this link expires tonight at 7pm as they only keep their news programmes on for a day!)



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