Year 11 Exam Study Arrangements

Posted by Suzanne Alexander

The Summer GCSE examinations period starts on Tuesday 7th May. Normal lessons will continue to run alongside scheduled examinations and all pupils are expected to attend these lessons up to Good Luck Exams BannerFriday 24th May. Although we believe that the best place for the majority of our pupils to prepare for such examinations is at school, we accept that situations will vary for each individual. Therefore, from Monday 3rd June, we invite pupils and parents/carers to make their own revision arrangements in the way that best suits them.

Throughout the exam period, classes will continue to run for all subjects where an examination has still to take place. Teachers will continue to prepare revision material for these subjects and we strongly encourage pupils to attend. Classes in which all of the examinations have taken place will be set aside for quiet study and pupils will be required to have work of their own to carry out.

Your child must attend school when they have a GCSE examination. If they have a morning examination they must be in school by 8.45 a.m. If they have an afternoon examination they must arrive by 12.30 p.m. This year, there will be a 20 minute “warm-up” lesson led by their subject teacher prior to every exam. All pupils have been issued with a personalised examination timetable and should be aware of the start times, including arrangements for examination clashes and for longer examinations when the start times may alter.

When a pupil is in school he/she will therefore either be in an examination or in a classroom with a teacher. Pupils will be expected to follow all normal codes of conduct and dress.

On Tuesday 25th June, pupils are invited to attend school for their final day as a Year 11. We ask that they return any remaining books or other school property and collect their leavers’ hoodies. There will be a final assembly and they will have the opportunity to say goodbye (at least for the summer) to their base tutor, subject teachers, other staff and fellow pupils. All pupils should arrange to leave the school grounds no later than 11.00 a.m.

I should like to take this opportunity to wish all Year 11 pupils every success in their forthcoming examinations.

A G Brogan, Deputy Headteacher (Curriculum & Achievement)

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