30th Swimarathon Photographs & Video

Posted by Suzanne Alexander

Once again swimmers took to the water at the Meres Leisure Centre for the 30th annual Grantham Rotary Swimarathon event. The atmosphere this year was spectacular & our swimmers were a good swimarathon logomix of ‘old & experienced’ & ‘young & new’!

This year’s annual Swimarathon event was our greatest success with 45 students from Y7-Y11 swimming across all 8 lanes on the Sat morning (2nd Feb). We also had 8 lanes on the Friday night in the closing slot 9:30-10:30pm with 25 staff and their family members swimming. We also had our first Interact team entered with 5 6th formers. Then on the Sunday there was an empty lane at 4:30pm so myself and Caitlin, ex-student whom travelled down from Chester University to help me run it, swam again.

Our biggest fundraising total to date was back at the 25th Swimarathon where we raised a whopping £1529 for charity. This has always been quite hard to beat but we like a challenge. Caitlin and I managed to raise £285 for the Sunday swim, the staff are nearly at £800 for the Friday night swim and the students have raised an amazing £1800 for their swim on the Saturday. Together as a school community we have totalled just under £3000 which is nothing short of AMAZING!!!! I know that swimmers also go away after the event and try to raise even more money (I think to receive the award for highest money raised we need to gain another £500 of sponsors which is quite a sum but all in all collectively as a school £3000 is just incredible).

This year we had lots of students from Simla so a couple swam in other lanes to help with numbers. We had 11 for Simla, 11 for Chitral, 11 for Lancer & 12 for Dragoon. Caitlin Colquhoun-Scoffield was up at 4am on the Friday morning to travel from Chester University to help run this event with me. We also had 6th formers swim in the staff event as part of a team of Interact students, and needing a special mention are all the Leaders that came on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday to help the Rotary club run the event. On the Friday we had 13 Leaders from Y9-Y13, the Saturday was our biggest turnout with 18 Students from Y8-Y13 and on the final day 11 students from Y8-Y13. Some of these students did more than one day and Emerson Flindall and Darcie Baker-Brogan did all 3 days! Between them they also raised more than £80 and Emerson swam on three occasions across the course of the weekend. I could quite happily mention each and every leader for their efforts because they all amazed me with their individual skills, their energy and in the way their confidence grew as the weekend went on. The Rotary Club cannot thank us enough for helping them and we too thank them for this opportunity as I know how much our students gain from assisting them at this wonderful heart-warming event! And to raise more than £3000 is the icing on the cake. Both the school & the Rotary Club are thrilled by all their effort & community spirit.

A special thank you to the staff that came back out at 9pm after a busy working week, with some of their family members, in the snow and cold to swim with me. We closed the first day with a massive turnout, and a massive amount of money raised too! Thank you.

I also wanted to thank Councillor Bob Sampson, one of our Trustees of our Aspire Schools Trust. He came on the Sunday to volunteer with our student Leaders and arrived at 7:30am and worked through to 6:30pm. He was a real asset to our team and it was lovely to welcome him for the day.

Now we have the job trying to get a few more sponsors (if at all possible) and to start collecting in all our fundraising money. We DO NEED YOUR sponsor forms back with the money and this should be returned to me no later than Friday 1 March 2019.

Thank you again everyone for all your efforts! Roger Graves (our contact Rotarian), Caitlin & I were, and are, very proud of all of you!

Mrs Mower, Head of Year 7

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