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359.jpg.pArt develops an awareness and interest in pupils of the world as they experience it, encouraging them to value their experience and those of others. There are two experienced teachers within the department working in the two art rooms.

Art is taught for one lesson per week in ability groups in KS3. At KS4, Art, Craft & Design is an option subject, which pupils study for 2 lessons per week in Y9, Y10 & Y11.

Clubs are held regularly at lunchtime for all pupils and after school for GCSE.

The department offers many opportunities for pupils to take part in competitions, Arts events such as the annual County Arts Event, as well as extra curricular activities.

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Pupils who study art at GCSE have the opportunity to visit major art galleries & cultural centres to experience looking at artefacts in order to broaden & enrich their experience. At KS3, we aim to explore opportunities for Gifted & Talented pupils to be able to draw at various locations, for example, Burghley Sculpture Park.


Art is a comprehensive area of visual, emotional, expressive and tactile concepts. It allows a child to explore their imagination, to express and communicate thoughts and feelings. Art develops the capacity for creative thought and action and the ability to make critical judgements; through it, children have distinct ways of apprehending and challenging reality. It reflects cultural identity and transmits cultural heritage. It thrives on new ideas. Within it, all children can find enrichment and reward.

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House Art Competition Summer 2016 – RAF Waddington

The Task was: Design a poster commemorating 100 years of RAF Waddington and linking this period to the school.

First Place: Kian Deighton Year 9                    Second Place: Samuel Mallon Year 7              Third Place: Joseph Ringland Year 7

First Kian DeightonSecond Samuel MallonThird Joseph Ringland