AS/A Level Product Design - Graphic ProductsModel Sixth Form

AS/A Level Product Design - Graphics Products seeks to develop students' knowledge, understanding, skills and application for designing products and develop their research, analysis, product development, project planning and evaluation skills.  It encompasses a wide range of disciplines but is firmly rooted in the skills required to design and make high quality products that are fit for purpose, satisfy wants and needs, enhance our day to day lives and, most importantly, give you the opportunity to demonstrate your design and technology capability.

The course emphasises two key factors: creativity and sustainability.  Students are encouraged to explore ideas of originality and value, to question and challenge, to envisage what could be but equally to achieve the results that will progress their future career.  The course structure allows students to develop a range of skills and outcomes at AS Level, which will demonstrate their creativity, and apply these to a design and make project at A2 Level.

What can I expect?

Lessons will be interactive and include a wide range of practical classroom activities; you will expected to participate in both practical and theory elements of the course. Learning is aimed towards developing your individual creativity, independence, knowledge and skills.  You will be taught the importance of independent work as well as working as part of a design team.

AS Level:

  • Theory of Graphic productsWater Cooler
  • Product investigation
  • Product design
  • Product manufacture
  • Architect involvement - Guy Taylor, Newark
  • A Talk from a leading designer (Dan Black in 2015)
  • A Talk from a post graduate student
  • Skills in technical drawing including BSI, Rendering & ICT (sketch up, Publisher)
  • Skills in model making
  • Using a range of tools and machinery including laser

A2 Level:

  • Development of a Commercial product
  • Theory of Graphic products including sustainability and design eras and designers
  • Talk from a leading designer (Dan Black in 2015)

Where could it lead?

You can progress to a Foundation Diploma to prepare you for entry to degree level design programmes, or move straight on to a design degree course.  Most design students specialise in a specific area, for example 2D or 3D design such as graphics or illustration, product or web design, building design, photography or interior design, but there are interdisciplinary design studies courses that give an overview of the whole process, so widening your future career options.

Design graduates are of interest to organisations operating in the advertising, multimedia, media and broadcasting, publishing, promotional and any of the creative industries.  Some examples of careers in design include; architectural and building design, graphic design, interior design, industrial design, photography, product design, new media and web design, jewellery design, design for theatre and vehicle design.  You could even become the next James Dyson!


"The Product Design course has challenged me to think independently and has helped me to develop creatively.  I feel like the work I am doing in Graphic Products is improving more and more and I love learning new skills."