Key Stage 3

From September 2018 all new students will be studying French. This is the subject that they will take to GCSE, A-level and beyond! Students who are in Y9 and Y11 in September 2018, will continue to study German and this will be offered as an A-level option for these year groups.

In KS3, we offer a topical and skills based approach, starting Y7 with the study of the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood, focussing heavily on pronunciation and key grammatical concepts. This allows students to be confident with creating their own language and supports their English language skills. Throughout KS3 this approach is adopted. We often support other curriculum areas through French, and in Y8 complete a project on Europe and Armistice. By the end of Y8 all students will have been supported to write using the past, present and future tenses, in preparation for the GCSE course.



Each student will receive a blue exercise book and a red grammar book. The red grammar book is where they need to keep their grammar notes safe and will be added to throughout KS3 and KS4. The blue exercise book is where students will do their classwork and homework.

Dictionaries will be provided in lessons where necessary, but it is always helpful for students to have a dictionary of their own.



Homework will be set on average once a week, and may take the form of reading or writing tasks, vocabulary learning or consolidation of grammar. The best way to learn vocabulary is in small chunks that is spread out over a number of days. We will also endeavour to put all vocabulary on the learning website that all students have access to.

french flag map German flag map