Thinking ladder image with words

An exciting new initiative is being introduced for all of our students from next term onwards. Following the successful introduction of our ‘Aim for the Stars’ programme, with its focus on students adopting more positive learning behaviour, we will be developing the use of ‘metacognition’ within our classrooms.

Put simply, ‘metacognition’ theory is based around the principle that students can improve their academic performance through the development of their thinking skills. For clarity, the stages of development are arranged into a ‘learning ladder’ of increasingly complex outcomes, beginning with basic recall of facts and leading to the higher level skills of evaluation and creation. The principles of metacognition will be applied across all subjects to give students the maximum number of opportunities for developing these key learning skills.

Examples of the learning ladder are shown on the link below along with some examples of the differentiated tasks that students may be asked to attempt as they ‘climb the ladder’.

If you would like any further information about this initiative please do not hesitate to contact me at school.

Mrs S. Davies
Head of Teaching & Learning