Our Honours boards has been up and running since 2006. One boy and one girl are chosen form each year to have the honour of seeing their name added to these boards. Pupils who make it onto the board have achieved either exceptionally high standards in all aspects of school sports or have made excellent progress throughout the academic year.

We also run two extra awards, the John Hammond trophy is awarded to the best GCSE performing boy and the Alan Brown Cup to the best performing girl.

2006 J Giddings L Daubney
2007 M Jackson R Pritchard
2008 C Scott-Coombes L Attiwell
2009 M Evans Z Chapman
2010 J Radley P Vidler
2011 J Sowerby K Roberts
2012 C Hall M Spurr
2013 L Chapman E Reynolds
2014 K Howard E Andrew
2015 C Taylor K Bradford
2016 J Howard A Bennison
2017 A Cornish C Jordan

Progress in Physical Education

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10
2006 M Evans
M Morris
R Drew
L Attewell
A Hussein
R Hind
T Young
L McKinnon
2007 D Grocock
E Mitchell
N Johnson-Bark
B Reynolds
D Marshall
R McCombie
M Haynes
M Goy
2008 R Puttergill
J Lawson
L Johnson
C Hubbard
K Durham
Z Brooks
J Wing
L Percy
2009 G Lepley
A Chandler
C Durham
A Cormor
M Holland
M Allenby
D Poulter
B Dickens
2010 T Kemp
A Kempster
H Vaughan
M Lamont
D Pinfold
S Jennings
D Sleeman
M Allenby
2011 D Parker
E Andrew
G Paxton
D Horrobin
S Smart
A Hardy
K Blenkinsop
E Lowden
2012 J Jeffery
C Johnson
A Saxby
E Peto
A J-Bark
S Cliffe
D Squires
A Meagher
2013 L Parker
F Grocock
C Severn
S Grey
J Stocks
R Howard
K Scholes
G Hodgkin
2014 W Conway
A Carter
J Osborn
C Sloan
K Harbron
I Bomford-Smith
C Harbron
G Blades-Richardson
2015 J Thompson
L Donohoe
B Scholes
L Shelbourn
J Ablewhite
H Appadoo
R Kemp
D Smith
2016 J Horrobin
A Pearson
J Wright
P Haggo
T Price
L Moran
J Hardy
L Wilson
2017 J Mead
F Ward
A Scholes
I Knight
T Edmund
L Carrington
H Denman
L Shelbourn

Achievement in Physical Education

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10
2006 M Taylor
J Tiller
A Swales
L C Harris
N Brettoner
A Ferguson
A Smith
A Williams
2007 H Ginniff
P Vidler
C Warner
K Speed
C Scott-Coombes
L C Harris
J Douglas
H Hill
2008 J Sowerby
T Thompson/H Crosby
J Thomas
P Vidler
J Attewell
J Tiller
R Flinders
L C Harris
2009 J Evans
A Meagher
D Stocks
T Thompson
N Holland
R Hogben
W Cann
J Tiller
2010 T Laycock Ivory
C Beckford
S Wooler
M Spurr
J Sowerby
T Thompson
H Ginniff
C Hubbard
2011 J Redmond
K Watson
L Chapman
A Kempster
S Bilyk
H Tiller
T North
E Evans
2012 C Pearson
K Bradford
A Meagher
K Watson
H Woodman
C Beckford
M Taylor
T Vidler
2013 S Greenwood
A Bennison
M Mahlatsi
K Bradford
L Anderson
C Harker
S Cormor
C Beckford
2014 C Jackson
J Keyworth
E Armstrong
F Grocock
H Havard
I Mowat
L Garland
F Bennison
2015 M Andrew
L Kempster
D Harbron
C Jordan
J Stamp
M Heppell
S Newton
M Randall
2016 F Ramm
F Kawahara
S Wright
O Sharp
H Denman
H Brooker
J Thompson
C Sloan
2017 F Bass
H Ball
I Bouzidi
J Chen
H Chessor
K Randall
B Scholes
C Davis