Dress a Girl Around the World

Posted by Suzanne Alexander

Last year, we introduced a lunchtime club to support ‘Dress a Girl Around the World’. Dress Around the world logo

The organisations website states:

‘By providing a new dress, you may well be changing a young girl’s destiny. We all know that a new dress makes us feel good! That makes a difference to how she feels about herself and can definitely change her destiny. In addition, a girl wearing a new dress presents an appearance that she is well cared for. Since we attach our Dress a Girl label onto the outside of each dress, it sends an additional message that each girl is under the care and protection of an organisation, giving her added protection from those who would harm her, predators or traffickers.’

The lunchtime club was offered to Year 8 and 9, and a small core of students attended:

Celia Davis (now Y10), Alice Ward (Y10), Katie Harrison (Y9), Katie Hall (Y9), Aimee Bruton (Y9) and Felicity Ashcroft (Y9).

They made each dress from scratch, using patterns recommended by the organisation. Each student designed their own decorations, sometimes including a pocket for precious things found by the girls who would be wearing them. The club gave the students the opportunity to use a paper pattern, develop skills on the sewing machine and use equipment they may not use in Textiles lessons. It also gave us time to chat about the organisation, and about the fantastic cakes which Celia had in her lunchbox each week!

After much perseverance from Celia, Alice, Katie, Celia’s sister working for her Duke of Edinburgh award and Mrs Norman, the final garments were packaged up and sent to the British representative to send out. The garments are currently being transported by the organisation and will end up benefitting girls in Kenya, Uganda or South Africa.

Thank you to all the students who took part. I am proud of you making a difference to girls who may not have the same opportunities as you.Girls wearing dresses

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