We expect students to take pride in their appearance.  All pupils are, therefore, expected to wear the school uniform.


SWRA Uniform Illustrations


Y7 – 11 Girls~ plain navy blue blazer with embroidered school badge
~ plain white school shirt.  Must be long enough to tuck in to trousers or skirt.
~ tie in house colour*
~ plain, dark grey/black tailored trousers (no skinny fit trousers) or plain dark grey/black knee length skirt (no stretchy lycra skirts)
~ low heel, plain black leather school shoes
– plain navy blue (black is not acceptable) v-neck woollen jumper (no cardigan)


Y7 – 11 Boys~ plain navy blue blazer with embroidered school badge
~ plain white school shirt.  Must be long enough to tuck in to trousers.
~ tie in house colour*
~ plain, dark grey/black tailored trousers (no skinny fit trousers, no jeans)
~ plain black, leather school shoes (no trainers)
– plain navy blue (black is not acceptable) v-neck woollen jumper

Socks: Socks or tights should be worn and should be plain black, navy or dark grey.

Belts: if a belt is worn it should be plain black, navy or dark grey.

Outdoor Clothes: Denim, leather and brightly coloured jackets are not permitted in school.

Jewellery: Earrings, other than one pair of small studs are not allowed in school as they constitute a health and safety hazard. In the event  of a child having her or his nose/eyebrow/lip/tongue/upper ear, etc. pierced, the stud must be removed during school hours.   Plasters  simply covering up these types of piercings will not be an acceptable alternative.

Make-up, Nails and Hairstyles: We consider it unnecessary for make-up to be worn at school.  With this in mind, excessive self-tanning,  foundation, highlighting, HD brows, false eyelashes, eye shadowing, blushers and lipsticks are not acceptable.  Pupils are not permitted to  wear any nail varnish and should not have nails of a length deemed unsafe.  Nail Extensions, tips, acrylics, and gel nails are not acceptable.   Pupils should not adopt ‘extreme’ hairstyles for example, bold unnatural colours or extremely short styles with shaved patterns.   Long hair  will need to be tied back in some lessons for health and safety reasons.

Physical Education

Outdoor winter activities kit

  • black and white rugby shirt (plain black thermal top can be  worn underneath for warmth)  black shorts (plain black thermal bottoms can be worn  underneath for warmth)
  • skort (girls)
  • black socks
  • trainers
  • studded football boots  gum shield* (recommended for rugby and lacrosse)
  • shin Pads


Indoor winter and summer activities kit

  • polo shirt with SWRA emblem
  • black shorts
  • skort
  • white socks
  • trainers

Other Equipment    The school will provide textbooks and exercise books. However  pupils are asked to come to school with their own basic equipment.   Please make sure your child has:

  • navy apron*
  • writing pens (black and green)
  • colouring pencils
  • ruler, rubber and pencil sharpener
  • geometric drawing instruments
  • scientific calculator*
  • a suitable bag to carry books and equipment   art set* including pencils, putty rubbers etc   a dictionary* for your languages studies as well as an  English dictionary


Please note: * Items available for purchase from the school via Parentpay or the school office. 

Pupils are responsible for the security of their own possessions and all personal items should be labelled with their name.  This includes school  uniform, PE kit, etc.  Label trainers, football boots, watches and pencil cases aswell.

Pupils are expected to treat school property with care and respect.   Everyone benefits from working in a pleasant environment.  Pupils must  not borrow anyone else’s property without their permission.

Click to read a PDF: School Uniform List June 2019


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Uniform Direct – Dixon House, Dixon Way, Lincoln LN6 7XN 01522 510016 www.uniform-direct.com

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