Tattershall Castle Trip

Posted by Suzanne Alexander

Tattershall Castle Trip – Friday 2nd October 2015sleafordianlogo

Sleafordian Coaches has started a new tracking service to enable both the school and parents to track the movement of their coaches which are used on school trips.  This service will be particularly useful on trips where the coach is returning after school hours.

Please find below a link that will be live for the duration of the Tattershall Castle trip which will enable you to see the position of the coach(es) at any time.  This link is only valid from the depature time of the booking to the anticipated return time.

Tracking link; www.whereismycoach.com/ZsBAboD9aw

Tracking start; 02 October 2015 09:10 Tracking finish; 02 October 2015 15:00

We hope that you find this service useful and the children have a fantastic day at Tattershall.