Year 8 Options

Posted by Suzanne Alexander

Our Year 8 Options Evening took place on 12th February 2019 giving you and yourGCSE Options child the opportunity to discuss the option choices with subject teachers and find out more about the options process.


Click to read: Year 8 Options Presentation from 12th February 2019


Click to read: Year 8 Options Booklet 2019

Click to read: Art & Design: Graphic Communication additional page




For more information on the Options process, please visit our Year 8 Options page.



Online Application 2019:

Click to complete: Year 8 Options Form 2019 Online Application Form

Please note that your child will need their School/Office 365 login to complete the form.

The deadline is 1st March 2019.


Thoughts on Sixth Form or College may seem a long way off but you may be interested to see that current grades needed to be accepted in SWRA Sixth Form – Entry Requirements (please click on ‘Subject Entry Requirements’)